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Hemmed In And Led By Christ

Written by: Lexi Hill   |   Jun 08, 2021

Growing up, I always thought there weren’t many Deaf Christian women out there despite my mother and grandmother being Deaf Christian women. I also always thought I had to wait until I became a grown woman before I was old enough to attend conferences and retreats geared toward Christian women. But God has been slowly unfolding His plan for my life, and it seems to be so much better than I imagined! In June 2020, I participated in DWC2020. I was in awe and disbelief. So many Deaf women (and women who signed) gathered from all over the world, just to worship. I never dreamt of an event like this! Then, DWC2021 happened, and I was blessed a second time to be a part of something spiritual and wholesome that only God could create. Through DWC2020 and DWC2021, God helped me realize how much goodness He continues to pour out, yet how much still needs to be done for His kingdom to come.  

If there’s anything that DWC2020 and 2021 taught me,

it is that I am not alone.

DWC 2020

DWC20 was the first year for this kind of conference. It was the first time we tackled a completely remote and livestreamed event. Technology seemed to be our biggest hurdle. We struggled with wifi issues, Zoom room hiccups, and other minor problems. We had a small team behind the scenes and six presenters total. Everything was new, but we were motivated! Our focus ranged from analyzing the Lord’s Prayer to the importance of recording our prayers and dreams, to how we should righteously act in anger amidst the COVID and police brutality heartbreak.

God still made it all happen in His way and His timing. From the states to Ireland, Deaf women were able to watch. There were so many who received Christ. The conference was a small seed planted in the mind of someone who dreamed of equality and accessibility for Deaf women to know Christ. It was the start of something green and new. It was something that would grow and give glory to God!  

DWC 2021

DWC2021 expanded its team. Through the conference, God touched many women’s hearts. We, the team, were able to organize this event much more in advance with so many wonderful people coming together and contributing their God-given talents. I learned how to work behind the scenes with godly brothers and sisters in Christ. The presenter’s videos were pre-recorded and a workbook was developed for all! I hoped and prayed that our efforts made a difference for the participants. We invited back some of the same speakers from last year and added some new ones. All of them allowing God to speak through them sent goosebumps down my back. 

We are hemmed in by an army of Deaf sisters

while Christ leads the way.  

Valued, Enriched, Important

I also feel that the theme couldn’t have happened at a better time. During the pandemic so many of our identities were in flux as our everyday lives became restricted to our homes. It felt like we were in limbo and our life-lines were blurred. The focus on Ephesians reminded me of the very core of my identity as we slowly transition to a new normal with vaccines being distributed across the country. Our identities are rooted in Christ and in Christ alone! As Tanya beautifully summed it up in her presentation, “You are valued. You are enriched. You are important.” As we are finally able to move forward this year, I hope all of us take the time to open up our workbooks again or rewatch the presentations. I hope we remember who we are in Christ, and that we are not alone. If there’s anything that DWC2020 and 2021 taught me, it is that I am not alone. We are hemmed in by an army of Deaf sisters while Christ leads the way.  




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