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3 Ways to Serve the Deaf Church

Written by: Brandon Gaskin   |   Nov 27, 2019

Let be honest, it can be hard finding out where Deaf are located. It can also be intimidating being new to the Deaf ministry world and wondering what to do. So many of you ask about finding out about Deaf Churches needs and etc. Here are three ways to learn about and serve the Deaf church.

Research the Deaf Church/Ministry in Your Area

Finding out where Deaf Churches and Ministries in your area is the first step in learning what is needed. Each ministry needs are different. Some ministries are strong interpreter church style while others are independent and have their own Deaf services. The most simple way to learn is to visit Deaf Church Where, a database with Deaf Churches and Ministries from all of U.S. This resource was developed by Deaf Bible Society.


Once you learn about the Deaf Churches and Ministries in your area, ask. Ask them what their needs are. It can various for each churches. As mentioned before, some churches are strong interpreting ministry while others are independently run. So simply muster up the courage to ask them these two simple question: How can I serve your church? What areas are needed to be filled?


Lastly, commit yourself to serving the Deaf church and fulfilling the needs. I always encourage people commit yourself for six months. Invest yourself into the church for the long haul. For deaf churches and ministries, this means a lot to them. For Deaf pastors, this is a burden lift. Understand where you invest yourself may not be the dream role you envisioned, but for the kingdom the role you fulfill will have an impact to the church.

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