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  What is fasting? Fasting is a spiritual teaching that is taught in the Bible. It’s a time to replace our hunger for things - to being hungry for the Lord. Many characters in the Bible fasted: Jesus, Moses, Daniel, and many more. Jesus was tempted by Satan, so He fasted for forty days.… Read More »

Dear Deaf Pastors and Leaders

  Easter is quickly approaching, and there’s never been a better time to invite people into the church than this Easter. The average church starts preparing for their Easter Sunday six weeks in advance. This year, we can impact our Deaf communities like never before, but we need to prepare now.  In the Deaf… Read More »


  I attended a biblical training session on womanhood. All of the discussions were helpful, but the one that stuck out to me the most was about the single woman. The encouragement I have for all single men and women is this: “Your primary role in life is NOT to get married, but to… Read More »

New Year, New You!

According to the Bible, New Year, New You is a real thing!  We are starting a new year, but can you really become a new you?  Are those just trendy empty words people like to say?   1. New Faith, New You  “Anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person.  The old… Read More »

Jesus, The Real Superhero!

  It seems like everyone is obsessed with Marvel movies now.  I love those movies but every time I watch one, I think about how the world is craving for someone to look to to be inspired or to be saved.  It is interesting that every Marvel movie shows a battle between light and… Read More »

No Excuses

  A few years ago I visited the newly-opened Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C.  The museum has a room with bookshelves filled with Bible translations.  The books were color coded to visually display which languages of the world currently have a Bible in their heart languages, which languages currently have a translation… Read More »

Run The Race Well

  I did not want to exercise today. Why? I just did not feel like it. But as I think about the Tokyo Olympic Games, I think about all of the hard work, dedication, and discipline that is required by each athlete to compete at this elite level.  The amount of time spent on… Read More »

Shine Brighter, Friend!

“As the world grows darker, I'll shine my light brighter. As the world grows darker, I'll show the love of Christ. As the world grows darker, my life will be a  lamp  for all to see Christ.”   I didn't expect to turn on the news and see such shocking news. Two bombers decided… Read More »

Black Widow

  *Warning, this article contains spoilers. I recently saw the Marvel movie, “Black Widow.” During the movie, I noticed so many different themes - from a false sense of family, to trust issues, to facing your past and defeating evil. One theme that struck me was Evil Girl Turns Good. A young woman, Natasha… Read More »

Drop Your Stone

  Can you remember a weak moment in your life? Maybe it was a time before you knew Jesus when you were still foolish and stuck in sinful, unhealthy habits. Perhaps you were saved, but you still battled temptation, lack of self-control, anger, lust, or idolatry. Imagine in that dark moment, when you gave… Read More »

The Power of Jesus

  A Conversation About the Power of Jesus Jason: Hi mom (Judy). Thanks for your time today. How long were you married? Judy: Yes, I was married for 38 years. Jason: 38 years...and then Dad was diagnosed with cancer, fought his battle with it, but he eventually came to the end of his life.  Can… Read More »

Dear Church

  Dear Church, “And the Good News about the Kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world, so that all nations  will hear it; and then the end will come.” - Matthew 24:14 NLT   "...that all nations will hear it."  How can this be when 98% of Deaf still do not have access… Read More »

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