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5 Ways to Walk Through a Spiritual Drought

drought /drout/ noun 1. a prolonged period of abnormally low rainfall, leading to a shortage of water. 2. thirst. A spiritual drought is a form of spiritual crisis, because it is recognized as a time of separation from God.  Are you experiencing spiritual drought? Do you feel a lack of motivation to do the… Read More »

Who Called You? Part 2

(Part 2) Proactivity vs. Reactivity in the Deaf Church: Learning to Thrive in the Decline I met with my pastor-friend again as agreed. He had been telling me about the struggles of his church in a time of what many would describe as a time of decline.  He opened up by telling me what… Read More »

Who Called You?

(Part 1) Proactivity vs. Reactivity in the Deaf Church: Learning to Thrive in the Decline   I was sitting in my office some time ago, and my videophone rang. Those bright lights on the phone alarm shook me awake from my “focus – slumber.” I recognized the name and was excited to see my… Read More »

Dear Church

Dear Church,   Let’s have a conversation, just you and me. I have some urgent and pressing information that every church should know. If I am bold, if I am direct, if I step out on faith, will you finally listen? Boldness is what we need during this time. When the statistics still show… Read More »

3 Ways to Serve the Deaf Church

Let be honest, it can be hard finding out where Deaf are located. It can also be intimidating being new to the Deaf ministry world and wondering what to do. So many of you ask about finding out about Deaf Churches needs and etc. Here are three ways to learn about and serve the… Read More »

6 Deaf Young Adults Accept Christ

A Deaf Led Concert by Brandon leads to six Deaf young adults accepting Christ. Just the evening before I had to fly to Mississippi, I had only just begun to pack my bag for the event. I haven't even started music prep for it. Truth be told, I often wait until I arrive to feel… Read More »

5 Q & A’s on Deaf Churches and Ministries

Last week, I posted on IG story giving you guys the opportunity to ask me questions about Deaf Churches and ministries. You guys blew the inbox up with questions. I can't answer them all right now, but I hope to one day. So here a few of the top questions asked, that I share my… Read More »

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