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  I am fascinated with the stars, especially the stars in the sky at night seem the most beautiful! The stars were created by the Lord. “God made two great lights—the larger one to govern the day, and the smaller one to govern the night. He also made the stars. God set these lights… Read More »

Dear Church

Dear Church,   Let’s have a conversation, just you and me. I have some urgent and pressing information that every church should know. If I am bold, if I am direct, if I step out on faith, will you finally listen? Boldness is what we need during this time. When the statistics still show… Read More »

Calling My Sweetest Friend

  Phone calls trigger emotions of shame, guilt, and anxiety for me.  So many thoughts invade my head;    “Why has it taken me so long to make this call?” “I should have called them weeks ago!” “It is my duty to call, and I am failing.” “I will be a bother and annoy… Read More »

What Does Black History Means To Me? A Reflection

Growing up, I thought of February as the month I had to write a school report. I always did my report on Thurgood Marshall. I can’t really recall the reason, but it might have been that he was easy to write about, or I was just plain fascinated with his story.  Today, I am… Read More »

Christ, Be My Valentine!

Valentine’s Day is an American holiday set aside to remember and demonstrate love to one another.  Some people loathe Valentine’s Day due to all the forced advertising reminders; say it with chocolates, flowers, and stuffed animals. Why do we need an advertising cupid to tell us how to love one another, anyway?  Could it… Read More »

3 Things Coronavirus Taught Me

As the novel COVID-19 spread across the globe, our homes became a refuge as we tried to stay healthy and safe. Our unprepared world was not ready for this kind of pandemic. Overnight, work and classrooms became remote. Churches became exclusively online and live-streamed. Everything changed in the blink of an eye. Our shut down… Read More »

A Letter from Brandon Gaskin

Dear friends, Over the past weeks, we have seen so much happen in our country! As a Deaf black man, the death of George Floyd has impacted me to the core. But not just his death, the death of Breonna Taylor, Ahmud Arbery, Trayvon Martin, and so many other black lives that were taken too… Read More »

2019 Year-End Report

As 2019 is almost to a close, we look back at the year of when this all first started. We are thankful for you all joining us on this journey, supporting us and praying for us. We are also thankful for you using the resources that we have developed so far and allow the Lord… Read More »

3 Ways to Serve the Deaf Church

Let be honest, it can be hard finding out where Deaf are located. It can also be intimidating being new to the Deaf ministry world and wondering what to do. So many of you ask about finding out about Deaf Churches needs and etc. Here are three ways to learn about and serve the… Read More »

When Life Is Overwhelming

You just had a panic attack? Maybe you're feeling overwhelm with unfinished tasks that you have ahead of you? It could be last minute work assignment, school exams, bills, and other things. We all have those moment. You're not alone. I love how scripture reminds us that God see you. So what do we do… Read More »

6 Deaf Young Adults Accept Christ

A Deaf Led Concert by Brandon leads to six Deaf young adults accepting Christ. Just the evening before I had to fly to Mississippi, I had only just begun to pack my bag for the event. I haven't even started music prep for it. Truth be told, I often wait until I arrive to feel… Read More »

5 Q & A’s on Deaf Churches and Ministries

Last week, I posted on IG story giving you guys the opportunity to ask me questions about Deaf Churches and ministries. You guys blew the inbox up with questions. I can't answer them all right now, but I hope to one day. So here a few of the top questions asked, that I share my… Read More »

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