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3 Ways of Reaching the Youth in a Digital World

Written by: Micah Willis   |   Apr 23, 2021


Since COVID-19, many churches have struggled to keep the church running. Leaders want to disciple  the next generation of Gen Zers and wonder “How can we reach them?” 

Here are 3 simple ways to reach the youth in a Digital world. 



Deaf teens require videos which are visual, like vlogging. Videos for teens are more than just words. Vlogging helps Deaf teens have an experience which is more likely for them to understand content. When vlogging, be sure to keep it simple, don’t make things too complicated. Deaf teens won’t retain the information and will more likely dismiss the point.  Vlogging requires consistency and is  not a one time thing. Consistency is the key that draws attention! 


2. Relationship

It’s all about the relationship.

Start with the basics:

“Hi, how are you?” 

“What is your name?” 

“Where are you from?” 

Make an investment by having normal conversations. Set youth events. Kids love special events, like games, swimming, out to eat, doing something fun, just for them. Focused events build relationships. 


3. Bible Study

Keep it simple. Keep it short – aim for 10-30 mins, not one hour. You don’t want your teens to sit all day listening to you do a Bible study. They will get bored, fast! Start with a simple message, then ask what has been learned through the passages.

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