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Jesus, The Real Superhero!

Written by: Jason Roop   |   Edited by: Dee Collins  |   Dec 01, 2021


It seems like everyone is obsessed with Marvel movies now.  I love those movies but every time I watch one, I think about how the world is craving for someone to look to to be inspired or to be saved.  It is interesting that every Marvel movie shows a battle between light and dark.  The Bible tells us that we are in this battle right now for real.  The only superhero we should be looking at is Jesus!  Recently, I started thinking about Jesus’ power.   Most of us know Jesus’ power of healing, raising people from the dead, multiplying bread and fish, turning water into wine, etc.  But sometimes, I wonder, if we “normalize” those miracles, will we take for granted and lose sight of how really powerful He is?  When I say “normalize,” I mean we view his miracles as just magic or part of a typical fiction story.

I would like to look at the crucial moment Jesus displayed power without miracles during his time among us.   John 18:5-6 shows that when Jesus knew his hour was coming, He walked out to meet the soldiers and Judas.  He asked the group “Whom do you seek?”  The soldiers said “Jesus the Nazarene.” Jesus’s response, “I am He,” caused them to draw back and fall to the ground (v.6).  Jesus demonstrated omniscience (knowing everything including when they were coming for Him) when he walked out to meet the soldiers.  His mere words displayed magnificent authority that caused the soldiers to draw and fall to the ground!  

Jesus’ words display so much power. His Word spoke this world (and you) into existence.  How much power does His Word have in your life right now?  Do you believe that His Word can change you, heal you, comfort you, or give you peace? 

Look to the real Superhero! Jesus.


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