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Becoming a Mom, Later


Becoming a Mom, Later

Written & ASL by: Kinna Smith

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” – Proverbs 3:5-6

Today, the norm for women in our society to become married and a mother is much older than just a few generations ago. The reason? Better career opportunities and post-secondary education take precedence over other life choices. 

Now, I am not a young mom, as many might think.  I am in my mid-30’s and just getting started with my family (yes, I’m a Millennial through and through), and I have made my peace with it. However, I remember when I had wished and dreamed of starting a family at a young age. I had always thought of being a mom in my early 20’s, with three children in tow.

Yet, on my 25th birthday, there I was, without a boyfriend, fiancée, or husband in sight. How was I supposed to fulfill my dream of being a mom of three by the time I was 25? 

I knew I had a vision of how I wanted to do my life. I planned, but the Lord had His plan, and It was different than what I expected and had prepared for. I had to recognize that and be open to Him leading

Proverbs 16:9 shows that we can plan what we want or dream, but the Lord put together what will benefit us and glorifies Him. “We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps”

God eventually led me to my future husband. However, both of us had gone through past broken engagements and had been hurt, so we were cautious. As time went by and our relationship grew, we could see the Lord in our friendship. God was growing us together. His plan was even better than what I could have ever envisioned. Eventually, I became engaged five short months later, then, three months after that, married.

I became a mother a year and a half later, just a bit more than a week after turning 29. Still, I hoped the baby would arrive BEFORE I turned 29! Again the Lord had a different plan. He chose the day my baby would be born. 

Although things didn’t go according to my plans, the Lord knew what was best and, in hindsight, I can see now that He used it for His glory even though I did not see it in the moment.

I can see now that He used it for His glory,

 even though I did not see it in the moment.

Now here I am, three children later, and I can say that the Lord’s plans are the best! I am blessed because I have seen how the Lord directs my path! He knows what is best for all of us. We can trust Him with our lives, that He will lead us to places that allow us to grow closer to Him. 

For me, becoming a mom at 29 years old was needed. It allowed me to grow closer to the Lord, glorify Him, and learn to trust Him in His perfect planning. 

Does the fact that things don’t always go the way we want surprise the Lord? Not at all! He knows, and He has plans for all of this. He is growing you and me! It’s all so we can know Him better and deeper and glorify Him in our lives!

Whatever you had thought of or hoped for – maybe things did not go the way you expected, you can know and trust that the Lord has perfect plans for you and your life. Even better plans for you than you ever dreamed of! Though, His initial plan for you first is to grow closer to Him. If you trust Him, He will bless you with His presence, and It becomes a beautiful relationship no matter when and where you are in life! 

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