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Dear Church


Dear Church

Written by Anonymous | ASL by Micah Willis

Dear Church,

Let’s have a conversation, just you and me. I have some urgent and pressing information that every church should know. If I am bold, if I am direct, if I step out on faith, will you finally listen? Boldness is what we need during this time. When the statistics still show 98% of Deaf people don’t know Christ, boldness is no longer an option, but required.

Allow me to introduce myself. I was once a part of that 98% who didn’t know Christ. But by the grace of God, I’m no longer. Why? Because someone stepped out of their comfort zone and invited me to church. Someone took the time to explain the Gospel in my language. Someone took the time to make the bride of Christ accessible and inclusive for me. Today, I carry the radical burden of reaching other Deaf with the Gospel, but you, church, are making it very difficult.

So, this is for you. This is me being bold, speaking up about what has been overlooked for far too long. 

Over the course of the coming months, we are going to have conversations about the church, and why it does not address the needs of Deaf communities. I will talk about why Deaf communities remain the most unreached and unengaged people groups in the world. Even in the world of Bible translation.

Until then.



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