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Deaf Women Conference 2021

APRIL 23-24, 2021

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Janet Moreno

Renca Dunn

Ashley Clark

Belinda McCleese

Ann Lynn Parker

Dr. Karen Bregman

Tanya Polstra

Donna Hummel

Crystal Kelley Schwartz

Laura Hill

Lexi Hill


  • Is this a live event?

    Partially. Deaf Women Conference (DWC) online is a live event that will show some pre-recorded and some live presentations. Our DWC team will be live during the conference to guide the audience through the weekend.

  • I can't watch it live. Will I be able to rewatch it at a later time?

    ​Yes. We know that making yourself available at specific times can be a challenge. All sessions will be uploaded to our website after the conference. Once it is uploaded, you can binge watch the sessions like it’s your favorite Netflix new series. Or, you can spread it out over the week. The good news is you’ll have unlimited access. We strongly encourage you to gather with some friends and go through it together.

  • Is there a cost to be a part of the conference?

    ​Yes. Admission to the Deaf Women Conference is $10. There is an option to purchase a swag bag for an additional fee. We will also be accepting donations to help cover the event costs.

  • Why is there a cost this year?

    In order to be able to compensate our presenters, interpreters, and ensure a quality virtual experience, we need to charge a small fee for the conference. We are really excited about the line-up, and think the $10 is more than worth it!

  • Can I interact with other women who are attending the conference?

    ​Yes! One of the best parts of our conferences are making incredible connections with other women. You’ll have opportunities during the sessions to interact with other women via our dedicated Facebook page. Our goal is to equip you with a place to connect with new friends and reconnect with those whom you may know really well! One idea is that you may want to set up your own Zoom Room!

    After each session there will be discussion questions that encourage you and your friends to work though. Our hope is that each session will lead you to a deeper relationship with the Lord and in community with other women.

    We are working on a few surprises, such as presenters popping into discussions to share their personal experiences with attendees.

  • Do you know the topics/themes of the different sessions?

    ​Yes!! Get ready to dive into the book of Ephesians with us. We will be encouraged and learn from different women who will remind us of who God says we are as we study this book together.

  • What do I need to participate in this live conference?

    ​Wifi and an electronic device are the only things you need to access the live videos. However, we highly recommend having your Bible (or a Bible app), a journal with a pen, and friends to watch this with you. You will want to take notes as we deep dive into Ephesians and then use the conversation topics to discuss with friends! If you don’t have anyone to watch it with you, head on over to the Facebook page and make some new friends. You don’t want to miss engaging with other women during this conference.

  • What time does the conference start in my time zone?

    The conference schedule will go live at the following times:

    • 4pm PST
    • 5pm MST
    • 6pm CST
    • 7pm EST

    Please note that the conference schedule listed on the Deaf Millennial Project website is listed in CST, so please adjust your schedule accordingly.

  • Where do I get the workbook and/or host guidebook?

    You will be able to access the host guidebook and workbook online on the Deaf Millennial Project website the week of March 15th. These resources will help you host women well in your homes as well as be a guide to help you dig deeper after the sessions throughout the weekend of the conference. Please remember to adhere to the COVID guidelines of your state should you decide to meet in person with other women.

  • What if I can't meet with friends to watch and discuss together?

    We know that COVID has made life challenging when it comes to gathering together. Some states allow gathering, while others don’t. We strongly encourage fellowship with other women during this conference either in person (if it’s safe) or virtually.

    If you do decide to gather together, please follow your state’s regulations as it comes to social distancing, masks, etc. Please also see our page dedicated to COVID related restrictions for ideas on how to gather safely.

    If you can’t meet with friends in person, we encourage you to use Zoom, Skype, Facetime, or any other live video platform to engage with your friends during the conference. You’ll want to discuss each session afterward with each other.

    If you don’t have anyone to watch it with you, head on over to the Facebook page and make some new friends. You don’t want to miss engaging with other women during this conference.

    We are praising God for the ability to meet virtually!

  • When will I get the link access to the conference?

    You’ll receive an email a week before the conference providing you access to the livestream. We ask that you don’t share that link. If your friend hasn’t registered, we ask you to encourage them to do so!

  • Who are the speakers?

    ​You can find a list of presenters on the Deaf Millennial Project website DWC. We are certain that you will be just as excited as we are about the line-up!

  • Have a question but don’t see it here?

    Please send us an email


April 23

6:30 PM CST
7:00 PM CST
Session 1
Tanya Polstra
7:30 PM CST
Session 2
Ashley Clark
8:00 PM CST
Session 3
Renca Dunn
8:30 PM CST
8:50 PM CST
Session 4
Donna Hummel
9:30 PM CST
Wrap up for the evening

April 24

10:00 AM CST
Opening Worship
10:30 AM CST
Session 5
Dr. Karen Bregman
11:00 AM CST
Session 6
Belinda McCleese
11:30 AM CST
11:40 AM CST
Session 7
Ann Lynn Parker
12:10 PM CST
Lunch Break / Recap
1:30 PM CST
Session 8
Janet Moreno
2:00 PM CST
Session 9
Laura & Lexi Hill
2:30 PM CST
2:45 PM CST
Session 10
Crystal Kelley Schwartz
3:25 PM CST

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