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Holy Week: Day 3

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Holy Week: Day 3

Read or Watch This Verse: Matthew 22:34-40

The Plot Against Jesus: Holy Wednesday

Judas has made the plan to betray Jesus.  He does it just for 30 silver pieces which is equivalent to about $300. Can you believe it? Have you ever thought that Jesus already KNEW what was going to happen to Him before Judas even did? Jesus did. And still, He chose to be beaten and crucified for us. He didn’t escape it. 

What would you do if you knew the future and all that would happen to you in advance? If it was filled with bad, but could mean the salvation of so many others to know Him, would you escape it? What would you do?

Jesus knew what would happen, but chose to embrace and move toward the suffering. Why? He knew that this would mean freedom and salvation for your life and so many others. 

How does that make you feel? What does this communicate to you about how Jesus views and sees you? 

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