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Holy Week: Day 4

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Holy Week: Day 4

Read or Watch These Verses: Luke 22:39-45,  Matthew 26:17-30


If this was your last day on earth, what would you do? Would you go skydiving or complete something on your bucket list? Or maybe spend time with family? Jesus chose to spend his last days and time with His close friends, the disciples. Together, they celebrated the Passover feast. How fitting that they were celebrating the Passover, yet Jesus would soon become the Passover for them and us. 

During this meal, they ate bread and drank wine together. That symbolized what Jesus was soon about to do. The bread represented His body, and the wine represented His blood. Soon, He would be beaten and killed physically, and his blood would represent payment for the sins of yours and mine. 

He did this because He loved us. 

He didn’t run away from the task before Him. Instead, He chose to endure the cross. Why? For love. 

Based on reading this, what does this say about God and how He views you?  


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